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”There’s a lot of good reasons but no excuse
You can never justify your drug abuse
You can legalize the hit but the problems remain
You still feel like shit the effect’s the same
You’re wasting your time with that fucking crap
The choice is yours and I can give you that
And you still want to get high”

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1 Kommentti artikkelille “Clawfinger – Die High”

  1. Huumebiisit sanoo:

    Viimeinenkin säe on tosi komea:
    You can never rely on the drugs you buy
    You can never deny all the tricks you try
    You can do anything just to get your fix
    You can try anything just to get your kicks
    You don’t hesitate to cheat or lie
    And bad excuse is a good abili
    You say you hate yourself and you want to die
    But it’s all the same you still want to get high